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Adult Learning in the 21st Century - an AE-Pro course


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About us

The Adult Learning i nthe 21st Century course is the second round of training by The European Adult Education (Young) Learning Platform, which builds on Grundtvig in-service European training for (younger) adult education staff delivered by the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) from 2011-2013. The training introduced staff to European developments in adult education; encouraged staff to learn about one another's organisations; and facilitated networking and cooperation between both staff and their organisations. Following on from the success of the training, AE-Learning realises a growing need across Europe for adult education staff to learn more about European developments and adult education in other countries. We hope that this online learning platform and the courses provided will help you to share, learn and inspire as you progress in your role as an adult educator. For further information about this work visit the project website at: www.ae-pro.eu.

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